Other things I do with string

Well, OK, yarn. I also knit. I learned to knit in seventh grade, and while I have taken some long hiatuses in my life, I've been knitting even longer than I've been making and repairing jewelry. I returned to it with renewed vigor a few years ago when my smaller son was about to be born - I like to keep busy and taking jewelry projects to work on while I waited at doctor appointments, in the grocery line, etc. isn't practical, but I can always keep some knitting in my very large purse. Keeps my knuckles flexible, too, and I love any kind of creativity and problem-solving through design.

Today I'm blocking and sewing together the pieces of a summer sweater I just finished a couple of evenings ago. And guess what? Now I need a new necklace to go with it! I'm planning to wear it Friday night, so a selfie with both sweater and necklace is forthcoming.