There are not too many material things on earth I really feel covetous about: I'm not into cars, I like clothes well enough but don't spend a lot of time shopping, I am a good cook so I can make delicious food with relative ease - but holy cow I want a WorkBox 3.0 more than I have wanted just about any objective thing on Earth. Someday I aspire to tuck all my tools, threads, beads, pearls, glue, findings, ribbon, lace, yarn, feathers, fabrics, sewing machine and reference books into this Cabinet of Wonders and create in a state of peace and tranquility, and then close those remarkable swinging doors, roll it into a corner, and host Thanksgiving dinner with room to spare. Sigh.

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Other things I do with string

Well, OK, yarn. I also knit. I learned to knit in seventh grade, and while I have taken some long hiatuses in my life, I've been knitting even longer than I've been making and repairing jewelry. I returned to it with renewed vigor a few years ago when my smaller son was about to be born - I like to keep busy and taking jewelry projects to work on while I waited at doctor appointments, in the grocery line, etc. isn't practical, but I can always keep some knitting in my very large purse. Keeps my knuckles flexible, too, and I love any kind of creativity and problem-solving through design.

Today I'm blocking and sewing together the pieces of a summer sweater I just finished a couple of evenings ago. And guess what? Now I need a new necklace to go with it! I'm planning to wear it Friday night, so a selfie with both sweater and necklace is forthcoming.

New obsession

Now that I've launched the site (and made a few tweaks, courtesy of some friends with excellent taste and very good grammar), I think I've checked the analytics page once every hour since this morning. It's July 8 at approximately 8:30 p.m. and I've had 71 unique visitors thus far. And I'm here to say . . . I love every single one of you. Thanks for looking!

Almost ready!

Just putting a few finishing photos onto the site (for now - I've got more shots to take of wonderful recent pieces) and then we're ready to launch. Next up: new postcards and business cards. What am I working on?A beautiful long multi-strand rice pearl necklace with scattered garnet and gold beads for a wonderful friend who deserves something beautiful. What's beautiful in your life right now?

This site is shiny and new!

I'm launching my new website,, in just a few weeks (or less). Looking forward to blogging here about what I'm working on lately: jewelry problems I'm solving, trends worth noting, or any kind of creativity that keeps my world interesting. See you on the Web soon, world!

Alyssa Mandel